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Doral’s Blue Matisse at the Center of SOBEWFF Action Internationally Famous Food & Wine Festival

Doral Times:
What does it mean to have Blue Matisse participate in an event like the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF)?

Elizabeth Prado
: Honestly, it’s amazing! SOBEWFF is such a major event and to be able to experience it first hand with my team is always a blast.

Doral Times:
What does it take to be part of the SOBEWFF?

Elizabeth Prado: Great food and an amazing team, that’s what Blue Matisse is all about. We are a hidden gem inside the InterContinental at Doral Miami.

Doral Times:
What will Blue Matisse be serving?

Elizabeth Prado: Pure deliciousness, of course! We will be serving, braised pork lettuce wraps. Slow braised tender chili miso pork, over perfectly cooked sushi rice, topped with cucumber kimchi, wrapped in butter lettuce. Is your mouth not watering yet?

Doral Times:
How did you come up with the menu?

Elizabeth Prado: Blue Matisse is fusion cuisine, mostly Latin, but since Chef Eric Do joined our team, we have been dappling with Asian flavors now. The menu was a combined effort.

Doral Times:
We understand you will be offering about 3,000 servings? Tell us a bit about the behind the scenes of the preparation.

Elizabeth Prado: AH! This is probably my least favorite part! Also, a lot of fun too (does that make sense?). From trying not to forget anything, or over prepping on other things, we have a wonderful team. It’s pure madness and excitement while we prep and get ready for any event in our kitchen.

Doral Times:
How many staff members will be onsite the day of the event?
Elizabeth Prado: I seriously wish I could take them all. It’s an event that everyone in the culinary world should experience once in their life. This year, we will be taking three staff members with us. And let me just say, it was a tough decision.

Doral Times:
Did Blue Matisse participate in last year’s festival?

Elizabeth Prado: Of course, we did!

Doral Times:
What was that like?

Elizabeth Prado: It was a blast! A lot of work and very hot but awesome none the less.

Doral Times:
Did you or your team meet any of the celebrities? If so, Who? What were they like?

Elizabeth Prado: Unfortunately, we did not. I was really hoping to meet Guy Fieri. We were one of the few serving food until the last minute.

Doral Times:
What advise would you give other chefs about this experience?

Elizabeth Prado: Do it! Prep well, but do not over prep, get there early (because parking is rough), and bring sunblock and sunglasses.

Doral Times:
When is the event you will be attending?

Elizabeth Prado: The event we will be attending is the Goya Foods’ Grand Tasting Village, on Friday.

Doral Times:
How can people get tickets?

Elizabeth Prado: Make sure to visit the SOBEWFF website.

February 19, 2018

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