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Doral was just named one of the top 50 places to live in the country


Finally, the wonder that is Doral has been recognized.

Money, working in connection with, reports that Doral is one of the 50 best places in the country to live. Yes, in this country. Better than Coral Gables and Miami Shores and Pinecrest. Better than Brickell or Miami Beach. It’s the 22nd best city in America, and deep down you always knew it.

This list is legit, too. The no. 1 best place in the country to live is Frisco, Texas. How could that possibly be wrong?

One other Florida city made the cut – Weston, at no. 21. But there is no comparison to that wealthy, bland suburb and the stimulating enchantment that is Doral.

There are so many things to love here! The vibrant traffic. The hourly thunderstorms. The summer floods. Who doesn’t like to wade? The hefty tolls you have to pay just to get in and out (mostly out) of the city. There’s even a warehouse district for every occasion.

It’s enough to make anyone enthusiastic. Here’s why Money is so fond of this exceptional city.

It’s close to the airport

A wonderful advantage if you prefer to share your highways with giant trucks.

It’s one of the fastest growing cities in Florida

Doral doesn’t have public transportation. Who needs public transportation? The more cars the merrier. Besides, cars generate more exhaust to overwhelm the stench from the landfill.

Doral is expected to keep growing

We’re sure this won’t be a problem.

It’s a “hot spot for new residents”

Who needs the scent of the ocean when you’ve got garbage and airplane exhaust?
Where else can you pay $750,000 for a mini mansion next to a landfill?

September 19, 2018

9600 NW 25 St. Suite 5B
Doral, Fl 33172
Tel: 786.615.5887 786.655.0183
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