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For Carlos Herradez.-

Faithful Greetings!
According to the US Census Bureau, the city of Doral has a predominantly Hispanic population; 82% of the population is Hispanic (although this data has persisted for a long time). Until last year 28% of the 59,000 residents of Doral were born in Venezuela, in other words, more than 1 in every 4 people in the city of Doral is from Venezuela.

This is where the name “doralzuela” came from when talking about Doral. Although truth be told, when Venezuelans were not the majority, it had already been baptized as such. But without a doubt that the city of Doral is the true example of the “Melting Pot”.

People who reside in Doral are from different geographical points of Latin America and Europe, in addition to the original Anglo population of this country. I think that when coming to the United States we must combine the best of our culture with the culture of this great country.

In any case Venezuelan or not, many of the great challenges
of those who bet to invest in the city opening new businesses and that come from abroad, is to have the ability to understand that in the United States there are processes to open a business, whether it is a commercial license or applying for credit and that unfortunately, in Latin America these are the least important procedures. But on the other hand, for some, obtaining permits to open a business often becomes a real journey of suffering.

Even if you have a company, architects, and experts hired to get the desired permit, it always takes longer than predicted in the financial plan to start up the business. But you know my Faithful Readers, this is what they call “bureaucracy” which is not an issue exclusively in Doral; and although it is no relief to know, this virus affects almost all the cities in the county. Believe me, I’m living it up close.

I know what I am talking about. My rumination for this edition: In my opinion values are the foundation for living in community and relating to other people. And I believe that loyalty is one of the pillars that form values. Probably no one understands loyalty better than the one who has been betrayed at some time. We all expect loyalty from others. Nobody likes to be betrayed or know that a friend spoke bad about us. Loyalty is reciprocating, an obligation obtained after receiving something profitable.

It is a commitment to defend what we believe and who we believe. That is why the concept of loyalty is given in topics such as homeland, work, family or friendship. When something or someone has given us something good, we owe much more than gratitude.

Loyalty is a value, because whoever is a traitor is left alone. In the end, what ends up happening is that no one trusts this type of person. And this, my Faithful Readers is a plus.

According to the numbers thrown by the various pollsters for the next election
in Florida in the various seats that are fought in the race, it seems that most of the Democratic candidates are leading, at least until now, and this my Faithful readers is when there is only 14 days to elections. And according to national surveys it seems that the numbers look the same. President Trump has declared in a recent interview last week that if Republicans suffer a spectacular defeat in the November legislative elections, it will not be his fault, and he assured that his support is rather helping the candidates of his party. Well, the day of the final poll is November 6 and that day we will know how the correlation of forces in the Congress will be and what the political future holds for us in Washington.

My gastronomic recommendation in this edition is
“Ravioli di funghi porcini in champagne sauce e tartufo nero e raviolini di gorgonzola e pear with panna e pistacchi”. These raviolis are a real feast of flavors to indulge your senses as a real gourmet. The return of Positano Restaurant to our city has been one of the most anticipated events.

After a short absence in our premises, its owner and Chef, Vinny Pisani, opened again the doors of Positano for the pleasure of the doralinos lovers of the excellent Italian cuisine. 100% recommended. Exquisite cuisine and agreeable prices.

Seats 2 and 4 for Doral councilmembers are in contention for this November 6.
We have 4 candidates for seat 4: Pete Cabrera, Jose Manuel Lorenzo, Liliana Campa and Carlos Pereira. For seat 2 we have 3 candidates: Digna Cabral, Belinda León and Alexis Acosta. The democratic task that we can carry out from time to time in this country when voting is the opportunity given to reward or punish those who choose public service for their work, represent us and defend our interests.

That is the main function, that is why they are Public Service people that we pay as well. Taking this concept as a premise, I invite you my Faithful Readers to vote this coming November 6, if you have not already voted. It is vitally important to strengthen democracy in each of these electoral events by executing our voting duty. Vote for the candidate who seems to represent you the most or who, according to you, is more prepared to carry on this position. In Doral we have two candidates. Choose yours.

Voting consists in offering support to a proposal or choose a candidate secretly. The importance of the vote is that it is a resource to define the routes a community should follow. Today is your turn. This is my opinion.

October 22, 2018

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